Saturday, December 16, 2017

Spelling FAN Without Francesa

This past Friday (12/15) marked the end of an era with Mike Francesa doing his final show on WFAN.

Obviously, there are those that enjoyed him and those that criticized, which is typical of any media personality beyond the sports hosts.

Like him or not, you have to give him a ton of credit for his farewell speech which was the entire final segment of 22 minutes.

Francesa went out with 110% class. Nothing negative about anyone.

We know he had his ups and downs with Chris Mad Dog Russo over the years, as those who listened and/or watched the recent documentary shown on ESPN about them know. He spoke highly about his years with Russo.

In addition, he touched on the history of the station, many of the people he worked with over the years, and on how well the "old" and the new management have worked with him during these past couple of years leading in to his retirement.

He also gave an amazingly honest answer to the question of whether or not he will miss being on the show every day. Saying that he usually took time off around these holidays and admitting he probably won't feel it until January is as honest as it comes.

WFAN has been enjoying very strong ratings in recent months, likely strengthened by being the Yankees flagship. Whatever the reason, its impact on the sports community continues.

It may or may not change in 2018 as WFAN brings us both new morning and new afternoon shows. We shall see.

For now, if you haven't heard this farewell, it was posted on Saturday morning. Do give it a listen.....

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