Friday, November 14, 2014

A "Silver" Lining For The Print Media

The publishing of a commentary by a pro sports commissioner is always huge media news regardless of the content. In this case, the opinion piece written by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver also happens to take a unique stance regarding the future of sports betting in the U.S.

Whether you agree or disagree with Silver's stance on betting, there is a lot to be said about his doing this at this time, especially from a sports media standpoint. Silver's thoughts did not come from a press conference or a scheduled media interview. Instead, they showed up unannounced in the New York Times on Thursday (11/13).

This is a nice boost for print media. By doing this, Silver was not mis-quoted and not taken out of context. He had the time to put his thoughts into the exact words he chose, as well as to reach a wide general audience. Had Silver made these comments on a TV or radio show, especially a sports show, there could have been a much different spin placed on this.

It is interesting that Silver did not use any of the media outlets which are league partners to make these important thoughts known. I'm sure that executives at ESPN/ABC and Turner Sports are especially miffed that they were not "chosen" to be the first to air a commissioner talking about the need to regulate sports betting. But it is quite understandable.

This matter is really not strictly a sports issue even though the ramifications could highly impact the sports community. Cheers to Silver for being the first in his position to tackle this head on, and do so in the best manner possible.

Meanwhile, Sports Business Journal reports that the media rights dispute between MASN and Major League Baseball will still be heard by the New York Supreme Court, although the proceedings have been delayed from next month (12/15) until March. The report indicates that the Orioles are looking to explore the role that MLB Commissioner-Elect Rob Manfred may have played in the dispute.

Over at ESPN, it's college basketball mania as the regular season gets underway this weekend, even to the point of ESPN not doing a Friday night NBA telecast this week.

ESPN still won't get rid of Bobby Knight from its roster of analysts, however. Then again, if they didn't fire him after he uttered a profanity on the air and never apologized (among his other antics), I suppose they aren't looking to. At least the network has downgraded his assignments to "third man", working behind Len Elmore while Mike Patrick does play-by-play. This team will only be seen on select American Athletic Conference telecasts which will appear on ESPN2 or ESPN3.

On the MLB side, ESPN has announced that its 2015 MLB season opener will take place, weather permitting, from Chicago on Sunday April 5, 2015. With the World Champion Giants opening on the road for the first week (thus no ring ceremony on opening night), the network has selected the St. Louis Cardinals at Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field as its opener. This rivalry game will feature the debut of Joe Maddon as Cubs manager.

Over at NBC, the Saturday telecast of Notre Dame Football will have one slight change that could be an indication of things to come starting next year. Doug Flutie, who has been getting increased exposure within the NBC and Comcast SportsNet family of late (such as analyst appearances specific to CSN Chicago), appears destined to be moved up to the primary analyst role on the N.D. telecasts.

The Nov. 15 telecast against Northwestern will have Flutie in the booth with Dan Hicks, while Mike Mayock is, literally, sent to the sidelines for this one. Unless Flutie fumbles, this looks to be his opportunity to become much more of a presence with NBC.

At CBS, the network has chosen its next two weeks of SEC game telecasts. Ole Miss vs. Arkansas airs on the network on Nov. 22, while the rivalry game between Ole Miss and Mississippi State airs on the 29th.

NEW YORK: The Mets radio team of Josh Lewin and Howie Rose will remain in place for at least the 2015 as the team's broadcasts begin their second season on WOR.

CHICAGO: Even as ESPN is ready for the Cubs by moving their opening game to Sunday Night April 5th, the Cubs still (as of press time) do not have an over-the-air TV deal in place for the coming season. The announcement that the team was parting ways with WGN-TV after 60 years could even be taken back within the month. It appears that the two local Fox TV stations (the heavily rumored destination for weeks) have backed off, as has Weigel Broadcasting which owns local independent stations. With nowhere else to turn, the Cubs might have to settle for a revenue share deal and have even fewer games televised over WGN-TV.

AKRON/CANTON: Sam Bourquin will be starting as afternoon drive host, and Sports Director) of WHBC-AM Canton starting next week (11/17) from 2 to 5 PM. In addition to local play-by-play, Berquin handes the Public Address for the NFL Hall of Fame Game each August in Canton.

Finally, for those who haven't seen it, here is the link (which was still valid at press time) to the Adam Silver piece in the New York Times:

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