Friday, August 14, 2009

update on KFWB Los Angeles

As an update from Wednesday column, indeed KFWB in Los Angeles has announced that in addition to weekday Angels baseball, it will begin a multi-year deal to carry Los Angeles Clippers basketball, including all pre-season games.

The official announcement also said post-season games, but we strive for accuracy here.

Based on the state of radio lately, the Clippers seem a good match for a big radio story. How about the quote in the Press Release from Clippers’ President Andy Roeser. “Also, this long term relationship represents a tremendous development for our fans: no conflicts, a strong signal, with a strong adjacent programming schedule and supportive partners.”

First Roeser mentions "no conflicts". Does this mean that if and as the Angels have playoff games in October and then the Clippers have meaningless late regular season games in April that the Clippers would have priority over the Angels? If they don't, the quote is not accurate. If they do, how does KFWB think it will gain by putting the Clippers ahead of the Angels? Which team has the most sellouts and the most fan interest?

Second, Roeser comments about the "strong adjacent programming schedule". He says this about a station moving away from all news after 30+ years and starting a News/Talk format next month. I must have missed the connection of having Dr. Laura and the Clippers on the same station.

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